“Breast Actives” Cream Reviews, & Result {Full Guide}.

I’m certainly not a newbie about “Breast Actives” and Breast Enhancement Products : I’ve tried lots of them, but just let me tell you what happened when I actually tried out “breast actives”

The whole Internet seems to be fully loaded with scam: I know it, you know it.

It’s a fact, and if you got burned before I’m sure your motto is the same as mine: I won’t get fooled again.

Like some of you I have been scammed several times  by these kinda companies who promise one thing but then deliver something else entirely. I promised to myself it there wouldn’t have been a third time.

The thing with the global internet access is that while these products have always existed now they’ve become way more accessible, and just like in the past 99%of them are still garbage.

I never wanted to look like Pam Anderson but at the same time I’ve always felt insecure (and sad) about my boobies… I’d say since I was 14.

Fake breasts never looked good to me, they look too unnatural, what’s the point about having huge boobs(and having to pay something around $10,000 for a class A surgery) when they look so damn fake?

It’s just wrong…

Yes, I wanted bigger breasts, but I wanted them to look natural!

I know loads of women aren’t happy at all with their breasts size but never helped me to feel better about mine.

I’ve tried a lot of Breast Enhancement Products: when I say “a lot” I really mean it.

If you can think of one product,any brad, chances are I’ve used it.

Just to name a few of the greatest hits:

•           Breast Success

•           Zolt

•           Small Breast Solutions

•           Ultra-Enhance Plus

•           Bloussant

•           Embrace

•           Etc…………

As you can see I’ve never been scared to test out breast enhancement products.

Almost all of these products did nothing to increase my breast size.

Out of all them, Breast Success was probably the best one, it doesn’t mean it worked out well, it just means I actually noticed some minor changes, but that’s not saying a whole lot.

The difference was really negligible.

Not really what I was hoping for and it certainly wasn’t worth paying the money for it every month.

I was way beyond the point of frustration. While I was trying all these products (without noticing any improvement) I was hearing about people having success with some of these products, which angered me even more, I started questioning my own self, I felt as if I was almost born with defective DNA, I felt like a wrong human being.

I would tell my best friend, Carla about my little tests, and how nothing was really working for me. She (lucky her), of course has the kind of breast that you got be proud of, so I don’t think she really understood what I was going through, because she still has a proper tight, and firm breasts even after 2 kids, but she was empathetic, nevertheless.

After another failed tests, I told her :

“I’ve had enough…..I’m throwing in the towel!”

She naturally told me not to give up, but I was just so sick and tired of all these empty promises, and having the pleasure of spending a fortune on them. That was it.

Enough with those products.

The Email That Changed My Life

A few weeks went by after I decided to quit purchasing any more Breast    Enhancement Products. I was basically resigned to the fact that I was going to have small breasts for the rest of my life, and that was that, I said to myself: Deal with it.

Cut to a regular Wednesday afternoon at work. I check my inbox and I see that I got an email from Carla.

The subject line read “You Should Seriously Try This One…”.

I opened the email and I proceeded to read it. She was telling me about this friend of hers who was going through the same thing I was doing. She purchased a lot of breast enhancement products but didn’t have much luck. However in the last couple months, she has seen a good increase in her breast size. Carla went on to tell me that she purchased this product called “Breast Actives”, and that she’s been really pleased with the purchase after just a few weeks applications.

My reaction was:”Yeah, alright…whatever”

If Carla  was in the room with me, I probably would have told that her that “I’m not paying any more money for this kind of $h*!!”

But I could just imagine her telling me to at least look at the site, before you making any judgments.

So, I did go to the “Breast Actives site” to check it out. The site looked good and professional and it told you what the product did, what it was all about, and how your breast become larger and firmer, etc…

I heard that a thousand times before, every single site says this!

Every site is going to tell you what you want to hear, right? After all, they aren’t called sales page for no reason. So I just went on with the rest of my day.

The following night I get a call from Carla. She asks me if I took a look at “Breast Actives”. I sort of managed to avoid giving her an answer, telling her that I wasn’t interested in it, but thanks anyway, blah, blah, blah……. She could tell that I was trying to change the subject, but she wasn’t having any of it.

She kept insisting, “give it a try”. I told that her that I’ve been burned too many times, and I just didn’t want to spend any more money on this just like I said before.

She said that her friend who used “Breast Actives” said it was really excellent, and that she trusted her cause she is a close friend of her, and so on, so on.

So, just to get her off my back, I told her that I’d check out the website again and do a little more research.

So, after I got off the phone, I went on the computer to do a little more research on “Breast Actives”. From what I can tell, it seemed like the product had helped a lot of people. There was a lot of praise for it in the Internet community.

I checked again their home page to do a little further investigation.

2 Months Free

The one thing that got my attention is that they were giving away a free 2 months supply of “Breast Actives”, which I must say, definitely sweetened the deal, it definitely did.

With a large chunk of the products that I had previously tried, I couldn’t remember many times where I got something for free. I could remember none to be honest.

The only thing that I had to pay extra was for the shipping and handling of those 2 free months. I think they were overcharging me a little bit for shipping, but I suppose they have to make up the costs of those 2 free months somehow.

So, there I was on the buy now screen, debating with myself. It was like the angel and the devil arguing with one another on my shoulders. On the one side, I was saying to myself “do I really want to go through this again?” On the other side, the more optimistic side, I was saying to myself, “who knows? You might have stumbled onto a good product..you never know..”

I finally decided to give it a try.

I said “once in this world. Take some chances.”

I figured if it didn’t work, just chalk it up to another disappointment. If that was the case, I could just ask for their unconditional money back guarantee, if I wasn’t satisfied with it.

At best, I finally found a product that does what it says it does.

It had taken about 3 days for the product to be delivered, which I thought was relatively fast, even though I was very impatient. Those 3 days felt like 3 weeks, they really did.

I wanted to get started in a hurry so bad.

I opened the package and began to read the information and instructions.

The instructions were fairly cut and dry. You apply the cream every morning, and you take 2 pills a day. That’s it.

I Begin My Experiment

As you might have guessed by now, I am not the most patient person in the world. I am not at all actually. When I want something, I WANT IT ALL,AND I WANT IT NOW.

 But I told myself to have some patience on this one. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my breasts. LOL.

So I decided to just be a little more scientific about this.

I decided I would do one of those “before and after” photos that you normally see. This way I wouldn’t be so emotional about the outcome (I told myself).

I went in front of the mirror and took a photo of my breasts prior to starting the Breast Actives treatment, and I told myself I wouldn’t take another photo of them until a month from that date. Then I’ll compare and contrast.

I was off and running for my first week. Personally, I didn’t notice any significant changes.

It wasn’t like I looked down and went “Wow….where did these come from?” But as I kept telling myself, “Take a breath and keep following what the instructions say.”

Somewhere around week 2, something interesting started to happen. I noticed my bra was getting a little tighter.

Around the beginning of week 4, my bra was extremely tight, that it was almost cutting off my circulation.

I had to go to the store and buy new bras! After using “Breast Actives Pills”

I had never been so happy to buy bras before. I knew that it was working. For the first time ever, I bought a 30B size bra, and it fit pretty adherent.

Towards the end of that week, I knew that it was time to see the results of this experiment. I obviously knew that my breasts have grown, but I wanted to see how big of difference it was compared to a month ago. So I took a photo of what they looked like after 4 months and began to compare it to the old photo, so I can really tell just how far I’ve come.

I couldn’t believe it! The difference was night and day. Not only the dimensions, but also the actual shape of em  changed, and was still changing for the better.

It was really startling to see it in black and white like that. I knew that my breasts were getting larger but since it happened very gradually, day by day, you can’t really see just how big of an improvement it has been until you see what they used to look like.

Cut to three months later, I am still using “Breast Actives”. I know have a 32B breast size, which may not seem like a lot to some people, but its light years from where I used to be. I may not have the breasts of Dolly Parton(I don’t even want it, you can have it Dolly), but I no longer have the breasts of Keira Knightley.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

The final verdict is real simple. “Breast Actives” just flat out works, at least it worked for me and you definitely should give it a shot!

I wanted to do this “Breast Actives Review” for all the women who are not comfortable with the size of their breasts.

I wanted them to know that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on breast implants that gonna make you look like a Barbie on steroids.

I know it can be extremely frustrating, trying out all out these products that claim to make your breasts larger, and the only thing you managed to accomplish was spend some of your hard earned money. But the whole purpose of this review was to let you know that yes….there are companies that actually make a good product, and I was lucky to find “Breast Actives”.

It isn’t just the simple fact that my breasts got bigger. It’s a lot more than just that.

I feel younger! When you are in your 30s, you tend to miss your 20s. Being that I never had the kind of chest that most 20 something men drool over, it’s nice to feel a little curvier in this stage of my life.

I feel like I look like I wanted to look (and feel) 10 years ago.

I’ll occasionally even see a guy checking me out every now and again.

Come on girls, be honest, those are the kinda things that make us feel good.

Now I finally now what the word confidence means.

I’ve never been the center of attention, and I’m not now. LOL.

However, I am nowhere near as passive as I used to be. I’m more willing to take chances nowadays. It’s amazing how something like breast size can have such a psychological effect on you. Because that is the only point, feel good about yourself in your regular life.

It’s one less thing to worry about.

We all have our things that we want to accomplish. There is always something in the back of our minds. I want to do this…..I need this……I should do this…I want to make that happen…etc…

It’s nice to know that you can tick something off of that “must-do” list.

I know that my breast size may be kind of vain and it doesn’t amount to much in the whole grand scheme of things, but it meant something to me, and I’m glad I did something about it.

Try Out Breast Actives For Yourself

PS: If you are fine with your breast size and it doesn’t bother you, or you simply don’t care then by all means, wear them loud and proud. However, if you are like I was, and you want to increase your breast size, then give “Breast Actives” a try.

PPS: Remember that this comes with an unconditional money back guarantee, so if you have any problems with “Breast Actives”, or it did not work as well as you were hoping it would, you can always send it back for a full refund. And that’s the main reason I gave it a try, Thank God I did.

With Love,

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